# What is WirtBot®?

The WirtBot is a system designed to take you into Cyberspace safely. Think of it as a core component that will allow you yo extend your LAN over the whole internet.

It has a few properties that make this safe and secure:

  • Based on WireGuard® to have battle tested cryptography protecting your traffic. No eavesdropping
  • You choose who is part of the network. Its impossible to join without your knowledge
  • Stealthy as Sam Fisher. Its there, but no one will know. No open ports except for WireGuard, which can not be port-scanned.
  • High speed. By having WireGuard integrated directly into the Linux Kernel, which a WirtBot uses, your network will be blazing fast.

Convinced and want a WirtBot?

Check out this page to set one up. Its completely free (Except for the server/VPS you run it on)!