# 22.11.20 WirtBot version 1.5

With version 1.5 many things changed on the Interface codebase and the System-Tests.

Instead of relying on nightwatch (opens new window), the System-Tests are now written in NodeJS - leveraging the amazing playwright (opens new window) to interact with browsers.

The reason for the nightwatch to playwright change were tests of input validity. While there seemed no straight forward way to achieve it in nightwatch, it became page.$eval(element-selector, e => e.validity.valid) with playwright.

This major rewrite and the refactoring in the Interface lead to a few bugs being squashed and all use cases of the WirtBot Interface being tested from End to End. In addition all changes are now automatically saved. No more need for edit-toggles. Also the expert mode is gone, which means that all settings are now shown by default.